Friday, 1 February 2008

An Apology


I recognise and accept that a number of statements that I made on my blog “The Secret Diary of a TV Controller (aged 33 and 3/4)”, in particular the posts of 16th June 2007 ("Squash"), 26th August 2007 ("My Edinburgh networking night from hell") and 9th October 2007 ("MIPCOM Madness"), may have caused offence to both Endemol UK and Timothy Hincks through the depiction of the fictional character "Hincksy".

It is important for me to stress that as far as I am aware, the conversations, emails and activities depicted between the characters "Hincksy" and "TVC" never occurred, nor was there any intention to discredit or call into question the professional reputation of Mr Hincks or his employer Endemol UK.

Mr Hincks does not play squash regularly with a channel controller as falsely stated on 6th June 2007 ("Squash"), nor did Mr Hincks describe Melanie Leach, Lisa Opie and Hannah Johnson as the "bitches of Eastwick" whilst attending The Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival 2007, as posted on 26th August 2007 ("My Edinburgh networking night from hell").

I would also like to state for the record that Endemol UK has never represented the international format rights to "Salopes Anglais", the fictitious television reality series described in my blog, nor did they try and sell it at MIP or any other international market, as claimed on the 9th October 2007 ("MIPCOM Madness").

I would like to apologise for any unintentional personal or professional embarrassment or distress that this may have caused, or any confusion that may have arisen from these false statements.

As a demonstration of good will I have agreed to donate an undisclosed figure to Mr Hincks' chosen charity and I trust this matter is now closed.

the anonymous author of The Secret Diary of a TV Controller (aged 33 and 3/4)


Anonymous said...

Very funny - I love the face you get to repeat all the best and rudest bits via the apology. Genius.

Anonymous said...

He did not seriously demand an apology did he?!

As if your blog doesn't describe events that are utterly typical of what goes on in the Endemol Creative dept. I guess that's why it bothered them so much!

Anonymous said...

Marvellous! Exmoor Pony Society! LOL! :D
There's still a serious sense of humour bypass virus going around then!
Now back to my regularly scheduled programming... Penelope Pitstop! ;)

Anonymous said...


PDF of the legal letter or it didn't happen...

hillhunt said...

Y-e-e-e-s. No apology ever gets past the lawyers without promises never to repeat the libel and remove the offending article from whatever database. So... is TVC pioneering Itchy Libel (R) by apologising, drawing attention to the original defamation and leaving it up for all to see?

Anonymous said...

Pony is as pony does.

Anonymous said...

That is a new level of satirical genius. I even believed that for the first two lines. TVC, I loves you even more than before.