Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Young, Yiddish and Proud

Frankly I've reached the end of my tether.

I've had to attend another brain-numbing PC-correct 'workshop' on under-represented ethnic minorities and how The Corporation needs more "Exec producers, series producers, directors and APs" from "ethnic-centred" (whatever the fuck that really means) backgrounds.

I didn't pipe up about the under-represented minority that I personally feel remains marginalised by the television elite: 30-something white males from a jewish religio-economic background.

So with the help of these cutting edge Jewish radicals I am aiming to tackle this problem head-on....

It's time for a Jewish media revolution! Fuck-YAY!

Let's show them that we're better at comedy. That we're better at drama. That we're better at documentaries. But most of all let's show them that we're miles fucking better at youth orientated programming!

Why should Yentob be the only Corporation top-cheese to have his own TV show?? I've instructed Hincksy to hire Bertie to series edit a brand new series for the spring. I will be doing a Yentob and fronting it myself called Who Da Jew?™ which will see me report on cool young Yiddish hipster sub-cultures each week, with live music and some interactive bits and bobs too.

With me at the helm EVERYONE will sit up and take notice. I am expecting - at the very least - glowing reviews in heat, Grazia and the JC

Suddenly (and with Obama in my reaches) I feel a new power surge coming on...

Everything's going to be fine


Anonymous said...

Re "Lily Allen and Friends":

Fact is stranger than fiction:

Anonymous said...

You read Grazia! OMG I read Grazia (I've been reading the Italian version since I was a teenager; now, I'm showing off). TVC is...what's another word for metrosexual?
Is it bad that I think Obama is hot? But then Trevor McDonald has been making me weak at the knees for years *(of special interest: Trev's mother-in-law resides at the nursing home at the end of my road...shall I ask her when her son-in-law is coming round so I can drool or is that considered stalking)?

Anonymous said...

Come back. We need you now more than ever.

Anonymous said...

30-something white males from a jewish religio-economic background.

Not more Ali G?