Monday, 18 October 2010

I'm Torn


It's been a long time since I last wrote, and a great deal has happened both to my career and the wider broadcasting landscape.

On Friday the best kept secret around Television Centre was finally revealed to the masses.

Fifi immediately asked me: 'Do you want to resurrect that blog you once wrote?'

I must admit, a shiver of excitement rushed through me. I'd enjoyed revealing my true self to you, my wider audience, during those heady moments when I first started out running the Youth Channel.

But then I grew tired of the responsibility I started to feel as I shared the pain in trying to convince the likes of Kleiny of my high brand concepts like Itchy Reality™; the criticisms I got from likes of the Smurf, and the snipping from the sidelines that others felt able to thrust towards me.

Fifi has said she thinks running Corporation One and blogging in the same heartfelt and honest way might do me the world of good as I attempt to negotiate the ensuing battles I obviously face taking up the command of the Mothership.

I've told her I'll probably only do it if my erstwhile former school chum Ed Milliband joins me and does exactly the same as he navigates the treacherous course of leading the Labour Party. I need partners. I need soulmates. I don't want to be alone in putting myself out there again in such a painstaking way.

Or maybe I should just be populist as is my want, and put it out there to the vote. Do you want me to return?

Comments are now open, and I shall forward the responses to Fifi before I shift offices on the 6th floor later next week.

Yours in Itchy Reality

The TVCx


Anonymous said...

You must return.

The license fee payers deserve a blog thrown in.

Could you make it funnier than that vibrato voiced fool Peston's. He doesn't get blogging at all.

Jay Hunt's love child said...

We need you now more than ever!

Anonymous said...

You need to disseminate your vision through the cloud,so yes. Noone but you can express the vision of TVC1 with clarity and there's a real chance that your message could get lost. There's only one place for the most intelligent man of his generation to be - and that's here

Anonymous said...

welcome back Simon...

Anonymous said...

What are your commissioning priorities, and will you be building on the success of your predecessor?

Anonymous said...

Come back come back! We need you now more than ever!

son_of_sam_anstiss said...

oh the delight to find you blogging again. we've missed you.