Thursday, 21 October 2010


DATE: Thurs, 20 Oct 2010 09:38:12 +0100
SUBJECT: Modules

Firstly, on behalf of everyone in the Executive Talent Board office here on the 6th Floor of Television Centre, congratulations on your exciting new position at Corporation One. We all hope your stay with us is a little longer than the previous incumbents (Channel 4, ITV and Five really aren't all that they are cracked up to be, believe us!)

As mentioned thoroughly - and I hope succinctly - during your exit interview from the Youth Channel, we have had to review our records in respect of your One People, One Nation - The Excellence Performance Chart and we have noticed that you have not completed all the safety modules in the Ensuring Safety: Lessons in Value and Building Viewer Trust for The Future training course.

You’ll be pleased to know that these can be easily completed online (estimated time of completion including video and interactive elements is just 6.5hrs).

Unfortunately, until Talent get receipt of these modules being successfully completed they will be unable to issue your new contract.

The modules include:

Cables: Proper use and storage on location (includes using multiple power supplies, other general electrical safety and understanding operational risks)

Studio Shooting: Live, As-live and Pre-record Dos and Don’ts [Note: This is an essential component for all Execs involved in this year's Strictly Come Dancing]

Who's Health is it Anyway? (includes correct deskspace management guide and how to prevent musculo-skeletal stress and injury)

NB: Given the spending cuts announced yesterday by the government, whilst you may have once been entitled to claim Additional Work Relief expenses for 6.5 hours of time spent carrying out this vitally important Personal Gateway Development Plan, unfortunately as from today, dated 21st October 2010, this personal development must be purely undertaken outside of your contractually stated hours at no additional cost to the license fee payer.

I am sure that you understand.


Training and Development, Executive Talent
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