Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My vision for ONE

Only 48hrs into the big new job and I've already formulated a 'holistic' channel vision powerpoint that I am excited about presenting to my new commissioning colleagues. I've prepared an exciting range of buzz words I cannot wait to unleash on the Broadcasting world. There's a lot riding on this meeting. Time for Kleiny and the other culture vultures to see what I'm fucking made of:

Thai Chicken Family. As in my channel needs to shed the Egg and Cress Sandwich viewer and embrace the Thai Chicken Salad Wrap Family; more vibrant, spicy and 'now'.

Canapé content. As in our viewers do not want to feel bloated after a night's viewing so we should offer them more choice in bite-sized morsels.

Vapour. As in the channel brand should feel 'cool' but also mysterious, hard to pin down and identify - like a vapour mist.

Indigestible. As in 'fuck me did you see the last episode of The Bill, it was sadly indigestible.'

Voyeurtainment. A canny combination of both the visceral and voyeuristic thrill of watching real people doing extraordinary things on TV.

Big things lie ahead in the poly-platform voyeurtainment landscape of The Mothership.

I have finally arrived at the top table and I won't let my supporters down

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Anonymous said...

Will you be going to Kleiny's wedding on Saturday, or will you be working?