Friday, 22 October 2010

My Exciting New Image

The Headmistress has asked whether I am going to be updating my image, or as she put it "align your new look to the new grown-up responsibilities that await you". She wants me to embrace a Brand New Me and ditch the ‘horrid’ T-shirt, blazer and jeans look which I’d been sporting at the end of my (triumphant) reign at the Youth Channel.

She feels I need to make a serious statement of intent…a haircut that will ensure people take me seriously. Something that will enable me to sit down with Paxo and the cardigan crew at Panorama and not feel out of my depth.

...Youthful but with gravitas
...Sharp yet soft around the edges
...Timeless not trendy

Glancing around at my peers for inspiration, I was thinking about something like this

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