Saturday, 28 April 2007

Lionel Blair

Michaela at Blueprint Media must think I've gone mental or something. She emailed me yesterday saying that she'd just come back from lunch with Lionel Blair's agent and we must talk asap. It took me ages to try and remember who the fuck Lionel Blair was. Then it dawned on me. It was that camp guy who used to do Give Us A Clue that my older sister used to watch when babysitting me when I was about nine.

Michaela said that the agent reckons that if Noel Edmonds can be madeover for daytime then so can Lionel. She's got two returnable formats she wants to talk to me about, but why me?! I don't do "daytime". Feeling very confused, although agreed we should do lunch as Michaela always always always makes me feel real and genuine and fucking clever at what I do. Have asked her to book us in at that new Brazilian Mocota for end of May. Besides, the booking will look very impressive to my new PA when I arrive in the new job.

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