Sunday, 29 April 2007

Wanted: new commissioning editor for documentaries

What did I tell you? Rubin called this evening full of congratulations and praise wondering if I was fixed for a drink on thursday. He said he's been meaning to call and apologise for missing my leaving do (yeah right) but he's been in a nightmare edit with a 'difficult' director. I could tell from his voice that he was one underperforming film away from getting the sack. In fact, I predict that when his next yawn-umentary about the rescued sea lion sanctuary goes out, it will be curtains for Rubin. It's his own fault... if you commission 'important' films from 'difficult' directors then you're going to end up with 'no job' and reduced to begging for scraps from people like me. Twat. There's nothing quite like the whiff of desperation that hangs over the head of a doomed soon to be ex Commissioning Editor.

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