Monday, 24 September 2007

Mexico season tender Part II



I am exclusively inviting you and your teams to tender for a new Mexico Season I am thinking about for January08 (when it is really grey and depressing and people need to be cheered up).

I am keen to hear about your 3 F's (Fun Fabulous Fluffy) programme formats that are light, shouty, revelatory and sunny - so no 'favela slum makeover' shows please (!!!)

Is there a new hot 'n spicy Jamie Oliver that we can discover and nurture? How should My Channel tackle the world of fashion or art (think the new Frida Kahlo). What could we get Dawn Porter doing? (her take on whether Mexican men make great lovers perhaps?)

What's going on in the world of property prices over in Mexico City??

Although I am keen to explore Mexican society, I would prefer ideas that still reflected contemporary young female Britain. Think "Me & You TV" for the U-21 generation.

The deadline is 1st October.

Look forward to reading your ab fab ideas,

TVC xxxx


Anonymous said...

A series on the tragedy facing homeless Mexicans in Britain's major cities - Hispanic on the streets of London, Hispanic on the streets of Birmingham

No, none of your audience will remember the Smiths - how about Hispanic at the Disco a look at the rising Mexican dance music scene?

Anonymous said...

Speedy Gonzalez - Jose Gonzalez races across Mexico

I know he's Swedish, but that's near enough isn't it? Are Swedes on the diversity list? Is that why Ulrika used to get so much work?

Make it a three-parter, followed every night with a Cheech and Chong film. Boy I'm good...

RTS audio technician said...

It's not a fully formulated idea, but could we use pubic hair as a jumping off point?

BLTP said...

Tequilla girl diaries: follow one of those cowboy hated hot panted shot dispensers around for a few nights, perhaps some video diary stuff of them waking up hungover.
or "honey we are selling the kids" baby trade expose with North america Miss Jocelyn to host.

"How about Viva Zapatbutcher!"
British soap stars get parts in Latin american soaps.

BLTP said...

"Mexico 70" teams of OAP footballers from various countries re-enact footballs greatest hour. Ron Atkinson to host.
Tiajuana Brass: I hard hitting look at street girls of popular holiday resort. Mix in some cliff jumping to soften it abit.

Dic and Dom in the Hacienda. Kids programme in a traditional dwelling/nightclub.
Bez to do on the spot reporting
Pimp my donkey.
Shane Macgowan to host
Wags V Slags: PiƱata
blindfold contestants beat with sticks (possibly real donkeys) to release designer bling items. Phone vote to save the donkey (possibly).
Remember the alamo; train asbo kids to defend fortress with muskets and axes, boot camp style thing lot's of crying and "you can't do this to me moments"
Nick frost "steve peggs fat friend" to host.
eldorado: 1990's failed soap's "stars" sent to jungle to find mythical city of gold.
David Dickinson to host

Anonymous said...

there is enough material in the above emails for a whole international conference of psychotherapists - what is wrong with television executives.

BLTP said...

one last brainstorm
No way Jose:
Josies Lawrance and Mourihno lead 2 teams of celebs in gross out challenges until they say no.
Chest(er) of Inca gold: hollyoaks stars live a year of luxury before a phone vote decides which one has there heart ripped out for the sake of the money goes to chairty in gold bars.
rio Grande; Mr Ferdinand wears a fat suit for aweek and tries to pull.
Dude where's my Kidney; richard hammond wakes up in a bath of ice and has 12 hours to find his missing organ.
Magnificent 7: s-club and or juniors gang together to save a striken peasant village.
Monty's super revenge: monty's don and Pansar reek punishment on benefit fraudsters with a crack team of celebs.
Margarita time: status quo try to run a beachside bar.
refried Has beens : ageing female soap stars wear all black and sit in the hot midday sun slowly making flour tortillas.
Mexico Shitty : holidays from hell.... sorry I'l stop now.

Anonymous said...

"Mezcal". With Cat Deeley. said...

Needless to say the team have been 'buzzing' excitedly about the Mexican brief.

It really is a stroke of genius, TVC. But are we a missing a trick? Our ambitious and acclaimed series "Dumped" has shown that rubbish is a punch-through frontier. So let's take it to Mexico!!!

If we ditch all the message stuff that Andy the Osprey was so keen on at 4 and keep my nice but dim partner away from the press, the possibilities are simply mouthwatering.

Onto the dump go our funky group of celebrities for a few weeks to team up with the street kids who live there all the time!!! Weekly challenges produce winners who go on shopping trips, to expensive restaurants etc. so the celebs can share some of their glamorous lifestyle with the kids. Heart-wrench moments when the celebrity voted off has to tearfully say goodbye to the teammate they have been bonding with. Each returns to their "normal life" but with golden memories of this chance of a lifetime challenge. Exciting, spiky, now!!!

This is so itchy it's rashtastic. Can't wait to get started!!!

All best. Lx

ps We at Outline find a couple of mill from marketing does a fabulous job of getting da kidz on board.