Thursday, 13 September 2007

My food poisoning hell

Maria and her younger sister Tozi (who also works at the hotel as a chambermaid) have been at my side all evening. I have been unable to leave the confines of my bathroom. I have never, ever felt as rough as this before.

It all started at lunchtime. I had my favourite queso aƱejo and jalapeno enchilada with a glass of iced cherry cola at the poolside bar and 20 minutes later I was doubled up, bent over the side of the swimming pool.

(I am told by the hotel management that it took them 4 hours to clean and re-chlorinate the water afterwards.)

The next thing I knew I was in my room, on my knees, dizzy and totally out of it.

I still feel spaced out and light-headed. Think I'm having crazy dreams. Can't be certain but I think Maria has been asking me for "Two hundred American dollars please boss" for the past half an hour.

I cannot even focus. I think I've lost my glasses.

Squinting, is that Tozi I can see rummaging through my expensive leather wallet?

I am not feeling good at all. My t-shirt is still sick-stained. The smell is unbelievable.

Oh Christ, please, when will this hell come to an end??


Robert Maitland said...

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Anonymous said...

Get the Z1 out now and start shooting - you've got a series my friend.