Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Richard Macer has been living in a Travelodge

Offbeat, one-off, camp documentaries hold zero interest for me these days. Especially if it involves Richard Macer sleeping on a camp bed in this ugly couple's hotel room. He's been living with them for the past 6 weeks making a film about what he calls their "heartwarming yet extraordinary" lifestyle.

Now that Todd Austin has done a runner, I suppose Macer sees me as his next port of call for his One Life-substandard documentaries.

Fuck off Macer.

Still *very* unhappy at the way he fucked up the access I'd semi-negotiated for him to go in and do an observational but fluffy series at Selfridges.

Macer won't be getting any more free rides from the Youth Channel. I suggest he goes and makes friends with Corporation rejects like Jo "happy" Clinton-Davis at ITV or Ralph Lee at Channel fucking Five.

1 comment:

ploop said...

Macer an fuck off with his heartwarming, real people lifestlye rollercoaster.

Frankly, I wouldn't soil my finger pressing the interactve red button while that arsehole is on - and I'm target audience. Don't catch me in 10 seconds baby and I'm flicking