Friday, 21 September 2007

Mexico Season Tender

TO:;;;;;; remy@amaze!;;;;;;


I am exclusively inviting you and your teams to tender for a new Mexico Season I am thinking about for January08 (when it is really grey and depressing and people need to be cheered up).

Obviously I want to keep the season light, shouty, revelatory and sunny - so no 'peasants dying' films please.

Although I am keen to explore the prism of Mexican cultural life, I would prefer ideas that still reflected contemporary young Britain. Think "Me & You TV" for the U-21 generation.

The deadline is 1st October.

Look forward to reading your insatiable ideas,



Anonymous said...

"Fuck Me! I'm Mexican!" presented by June Sarpong.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Sanchez: The Mexican Guide to Sex. You need to be quick, Steve Gowans' people say he's interested.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a new version of this, set in Cancun.

Anonymous said...

The Guaca-mole diaries aged 33 and three quarters...

Anonymous said...

I don't have an idea per se, but going by the rest of the schedule I thought I'd mix together a bit of what C4 was doing last year, with a load of what Discovery USA was doing two years ago.

That seems to be the trick to geting on air.

Long live originality!

Anonymous said...

sour grapes of those who were not on your distribution list. oh but haven't you forgotten daisy g - who inspired you to this season by sending you to mexico in the first place??? - isn't that typical!

BLTP said...

you could show
Y Tu Mamá También (dubbed version) but cut to the yooth channel announcer when they have voice over of the less than up beat ending comes on.It's got teens shagging drunkeness , beaches the works. Use the english title "your momma" for best effect.
or how about "street kid date with Davina" Davina finds street kids and .....