Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Why I hate small indies

Everywhere I went last week at Edinburgh I seemed to be dogged by earnest and naive 'regional' indies bosses.

Final straw today: being pitched (via email) an observational series looking at "...the tough times the Riverboat Authority has in keeping sober the thousands of canal-boat tourists that flood(!) to the West Midlands each summer..." by some fucking jumped-up lackies in Birmingham.

Contacted IT to try and block emails from outside the M25 (Surely this is a simple thing to do??).

Goodbye Moonbeam Films, Whizzkid Entertainment, Framework Television and PhartMedia.

Wake up kids, you are NEVER going to get on to My Channel. Ever.

I'm being cruel to be kind.

Because there is no fucking point to you. Not only do you waste MY time with your half-baked, poxy, regional ideas, you're really wasting your own time (and money I would have thought).

Don't get me wrong. I am always ready to listen to people like Mentorn Oxford, or RDF West. They have a track record. And a reputation. But some young unheard-of 'yocal' upstarts from the provinces?! Come on. I have a successful channel to run.

Try the fucking Community Channel, Teachers TV or failing that the highly annoying little twerp at ITV2.


Anonymous said...

Look at the photos of 'the team' at Imago Productions. http://www.imagoproductions.tv/

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy ! They're wacky, crazy types !

tv drama sucks said...


What an absolute piece of big, fat mess.

Anonymous said...

They look like a bunch of special needs!