Saturday, 8 September 2007

My beach

Whilst dozing on My Beach this afternoon, I started thinking about who I want to host my exciting, fresh, spunky, spiky Friday night entertainment show.

So excited... I remember the glory days of Yoof Entertainment in the early 90s (when I was revising for my GCSEs) and my chums used to rush into school on a Monday morning gushing about The Word!

Here's my top 10 so far:

1. Fearne Cotton
2. Stephen Gately (the schedulers have told me we need a gay presence - according to the focus groups there are lots of young under-18 Pink Viewers who stay in on a Friday night to avoid getting beaten up in their provincial home towns)
3. Reggie Yates or someone else black from So Solid Crew
4. Dawn Porter (to do the obligatory OBs as a roving reporter)
5. Konnie Huq (her agent tells me she wants to 'go more adult')
6. Dave Brown from The Mighty Boosh
7. Kelly Osbourne (yo-yo dieters are 'in' right now)
8. Jamie T (he could rap the theme tune live each week)
9. Miss Dynamite
10. The girl who plays Stacey in Gavin and Stacey
11. And not forgetting Lauren Laverne - of course! (she ticks all the regional phwoar factor boxes)

That is some itchy as fuck line-up, even by my standards! And it certainly reflects the geological make-up of young faces My Channel works really hard to represent.

Or.....thinking totally outside of the box I could be REALLY bold and hire two nobodys who aren't yet famous.

Perhaps make it the first X-Factor-style Find A Face For The Youth Channel event with live auditions and SMS text voting?


I love the freedom I have to do proper blue-sky thinking now I'm away from my desk (seeing a proper blue sky helps a lot too).


Anonymous said...

This weekend Sir Terry Wogan, who presents the morning programme on Radio 2, described BBC3 and BBC4 as “superfluous” digital channels that ought to be scrapped to save money. “In these straitened times, they have been a bridge too far,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Ola TVC!

I know what you're really up to.

All management secretely wants to be the Talent:
- Bannister ran radio, now he witters on it;
- Yentob commissioned arts coverage, now he fabricates it.

You are clearly making a bid for lead bunny on next year's Holiday. I look forward to seeing you haggling for a carpet in a Marrakesh souk or riding a grumpy pony through the Auvergne.

"A la luz de la tea, no hay mujer fea."

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest Kriss Akabusi as a presenter. He's down with the kids.

Harriet Hamster said...

BBC News 24 @08.50am this morning doing wine tasting - so now they agree their bland coverage turns one to alcohol !!
Good old Mr Horrocks finger on the pulse as ever

Danielle Nay said...


I have no idea if you really are there, but it looks like you might be. Basico looks quite different from their other one, the Deseo, where I stayed.

Anyway if you are there you absolutely cannot leave the Yucatan without going to the Al Cielo for lunch. See

It's the best beach restaurant on that coast by a gazillion miles (it also has 4 rooms) and is on a spectacularly lovely stretch of beachfront with stunning sea (the same as Your Beach but fewer people).

The owner Andres is quite nutty, he used to live in London and sent his chef to Valencia to learn how to make paella so that's a bit of a house speciality (we had lobster paella, amongst other things) on Xmas Day once.

Get in the car (or take a taxi) and drive south out of Playa along the Tulum Road. There are beach resorts and stuff on the left all the way down the coast. Halfway to Tulum (or less) you get to Xpu Ha beach; the Al Cielo is in the middle of it and there's a sign (not very big!). It'll take about 25 mins and you can spend the whole day on their beach.

There is a gorgeous emerald green cenote to swim and snorkel in as well, on the other side of the highway.



Ps if I am wasting my time do feel free to forward this to anybody who actually IS in mexico! And if you are there pls say hi to Andres for me.

Anonymous said...

You are not in Mexico you are in Southend. Like your Channel.