Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Inside Bjorn Borg's pants

As many people know I've always wanted to get unfettered access to a supermarket, as a way into the new religion of shopping. So you can imagine my delight when I see the recent dearly-departed (!!) Todd Austin passed on a Bjorn Borg (the tennis legend) access film. Quick as a flash I called Bjorn's people up and arranged a meeting.

Let me explain.

Bjorn Borg now makes trendy underwear (with a strong gay following according to Anthony) and his PR people want us to follow the launch of his briefs in Selfridges this Christmas. Yes, Selfridges, mecca of drainpipe denim and home of my consumer-fixated wet dream. I couldn't give a shit about Borg but if I play this right I may be able to pressure Selfridges in giving us more access and we could spin out a series.

If we can make it the right side of camp I might even be able to play it against the pink hits on Living (Next Top Model ALWAYS kicks two streaks of piss out of us every Monday night, no matter what we schedule against it).

I need a quirky, camp director to pull it off, so have asked Richard Macer up in Manchester to take a look (he's twiddling his thumbs doing nowt - as are half the staff directors at the moment).

I may have some genuine 'property' to boast about in the next Controller Summit meeting. V Excited.

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Dandelion said...

Bjorn Borg is well sexy! I had a Smurf of him, back in the day. He's just what we need on our screens.