Tuesday, 23 October 2007

And now for the Northern Irish vote...

Some nobody regional commissioning exec in entertainment from Northern fucking Ireland has had the cheek to email me:

FROM: Mike.Edgar03@Corporation.co.uk
TO: TVC01@Corporation.co.uk
SUBJECT: Friday Nights


I know it's probably already in hand, but would you consider letting us pitch for the prestigious tender of producing your Friday night live entertainment show?

We've been working with Paddy Kielty's independent production company Green Inc and think we've got a real spinner of an idea for you.

Me and my team are coming to the mainland in two weeks. Can we pop by and see you?

All the best


What, the Corporation has an entertainment department in Belfast?? I suppose post the troubles there would have been a need to corporately realign the staffing (less news, more 'fun' stuff).

Anyway, I'm not going to get sidetracked from my plans for Friday night (it's now down to Hat Trick, Objective, Zeppotron and the in-house Comedy Unit) so I send this stiff but polite email back to Edgar:

FROM: TVC01@Corporation.co.uk
TO: Mike.Edgar03@Corporation.co.uk
SUBJECT: RE: Friday Nights

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch, and nice of you to be thinking of me and my channel.

I'm afraid I've now finalised the companies shortlisted to produce the Friday evening post-peak studio entertainment format for My Channel. However, if you've got any other ideas that you think might appeal to my nationwide (let's not forget!) youth audience please feel free to email them to Suzanne Gilfillan who looks after this part of the schedule for me.

Best regards,


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Anonymous said...

I guess the post was written just for laughs, and is a bit of a fairy tale anyway, but I’m sure NI could come up with a value for money alternative to Jonathon Ross for your channel at just a few percent of his price!