Friday, 5 October 2007

Poaching Dominique Walker

Here's me travelling into work this morning on the tube, sporting a pair of cool-as-fuck Carhartt Carpenter jeans that I had Anthony buy for me yesterday from somewhere in Shepherd's Bush, as today is Jeans For Genes day!

I am also wearing a pair of Adidas Stan Smith white trainers to complete the outfit.

(these 'trainer' thingies are really comfortable aren't they?!)

Confidently bounced all the way into TV Centre knowing that unlike last time I wasn't going to get caught out again.

My sartorial look is bound to remind the likes of Karl Warner and Fifi that I'm still totally on top of my fucking game: I know what looks good on the street, and I can wear it fucking well.

It got me thinking about someone else who always looks hot in a pair of jeans... my old friend Dominique Walker at Channel 4.

Dom is unloved, under appreciated and totally ripe for the plucking. I can't understand why Julian has sidelined her and marginalised such an ENORMOUS talent within a channel devoid of totty who are in touch with the popular tabloid female-skewed Jacobs Creek-drinking demographic.

Did he not see Jamie's School Dinners for fuck's sake?!

Time to flex my well-toned muscles I feel. I'm going to instruct Andrew Heath to be on red alert and start making the necessary arrangements. I think I'll want her to join as my new Head of Popular Specialist Entertainment and Formatted Factual Lite. If Kleiny can't grasp the meaning of 'factual with a light touch' than I shall have to light a fire up his Tory backside with DW's arrival.

I'm sure I can fast-track her through the (tortuous) interview board with a bit of expert coaching on when to mention 'public service entertainment' and her driving passion for 'holistic programming solutions' to the 'gaping holes in the schedule'.

Piece of piss when you know how.

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Anonymous said...

Quick, TVC! Fincham's office! You might just pass him in the corridor with a cardboard box in hand, cleaning out his desk.

Your moment of glory has come at last!