Monday, 1 October 2007

Rebranding The Youth Channel

I've got a fucking good idea for how to make people sit up and take notice of My Youth Channel. Every executive in the building is asking me how I'm going to launch my itchy new schedule on the masses.


No, not invest in 'boring' programmes.

I'm going to hire Wolff Olins, the best branding experts in London.

Gone will be the strange claymation figures and DelaSoul "Three" theme tune - which reminds me of The Smurf and his cheeky northern days.

(Makes me feel really dirty and old.)

Their Head of Brand guru Bryan is going to Sex Up the Youth Channel with some bright colours and meaningful 'youth iconography'.

The old Three will be replaced by the brand spankingly modern NEW Three.

A number that will say to the world: Watch me, I'm relevant. I'm contemporary. I'm not full of repeats and shock docs about children, pregnancy, pregnant children, smelly people or Anthea Turner slumming it with poor dirty working class folk.


Anonymous said...

Might I suggest the Three Degrees, Three Tenors or the Three titted alien from Total Recall?

The kids love all three.

Anonymous said...

Oh do we care? zzzzzz. It's not about branding ( or annoying DOGs). It's about content stoopid.