Tuesday, 9 October 2007

MIPCOM madness

Got woken abruptly on the Blackberry by Hincksy. It was 6.40am and it was fucking obvious he'd been up half the night partying his white-boy posh arse off [I know he really likes to let his hair down when he does the south of France]

He said that he'd managed to secure a deal with some nobody broadcaster called Spektrum in Hungary to do Salopes Anglaises, and wasn't I "over the moon to finally see it make it to screen?"

This is just fucking ridiculous. That was (and still is) MY FUCKING IDEA!!! Christ, I put it up for a proper editorial spec for fuck's sake!

Emailed Hincksy straight back:

FROM: TVC01@Corporation.co.uk
TO: Timothy.Hincks@endemolglobal.inc.tv
SUBJECT: Re: Salopes to air in Hungary!

Dear Hincksy,

You're obviously having a ball out at MIPCOM. Especially now you're free of that posh twit Baz, but please do remember that Salopes Anglaises is a Youth Channel idea (even if I cannot get it off the ground right now) and that you should tread very carefully regarding the format rights to this project.

If I take on the Controller's job of the mothership, this is one idea that I still have high hopes of bringing back to life (possibly for Saturday teatimes), so I hope for your sake that you haven't Endemoled it to pieces and really aren't flogging the fucking shit out of it on some mega-yacht to all and sundry.

PS - can you still do squash on Thursday night at 6.45pm when you get back?

Best regards,

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That should do it. Now back to refining that all-important mission statement.

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