Wednesday, 31 October 2007

10 Reasons why I hate Manchester

1. It's really fucking cold.

2. It rained the entire two and three-quarter hours I was there.

3. No on-site holistic therapist waiting for me at Oxford Road HQ (I felt like I needed a treatment after sitting in British Midland economy for the 40 minute flight up from Heathrow).

4. Too many small teams = lack of creative impetus and creativity. It's obvious they just sit around on their arses all day feeling fucking sorry for themselves.

5. Total lack of drive. No probing questions AT ALL about what Itchy Reality™ programming will mean for their regional quotas.

6. Lack of girls wearing peeptoe heels. I know it is cold, but you have GOT to make an effort!

7. I just don't like their accents very much.

8. They dress way too provincially.

9. I am sure I saw Mark Radcliffe sitting in on the meeting. Old school Radio 2 fart. Has no place in the future television geology of Corporation One. Someone (other than me) should have spotted him and escorted him out of the meeting room.

10. Lack of black and asian faces in the audience. This won't do.

Off to Glasgow now... let's hope they do a fuck of a lot better!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in Glasgow. They hate the fucking English. Ann Mensah has taken to adopting a broad Bearsden accent.

Anonymous said...

Manchester's a fucking shit hole full of cocky, loser pricks so I'm not surprised you didn't like your stay...Dirty scally bastards, spoilt Cheshire fuckwits and any dumb socially retarded fucker who gravitates to the regions shite mentality is all you'll find here...not that I feel strongly about it of course

Anonymous said...

Have to say agree can't wait to get out of here wish I never moved. Vile rude people and pretty thick, and the men are the worst. Nasty, cheap, cheaters, liars and just plain disgusting with hygiene issues. Its a dump and the people have a chip on their shoulde

Scarlett said...

Manchester is a place of creativity and individuality which welcomes all cultures. Yes. There is some places that aren't that appealing I.e : moss side etc..
But a lot of orginiality comes from Manchester and beautiful artitecture, a lot of the best music comes from Manchester - the stone roses, bee gees, take that, ting tings...

The fact that you have been swearing about Manchester doesnt say much, like you can't back up a proper balanced argument properly, and the reasons are pretty naff. This is judging,you only spent 3 hours in the city.

As for educaton, one of the best universities is based in Manchester and other good education.

This also shows your quite simple-minded

Anonymous said...

perhaps I'm a bit late into the argument...but BALLS, i have a say and I'm going to say it...

1) One of the best universities is based in Manchester is it??? ermm...wrong, it is one of the biggest but not one of the best.yes it brings money in...but not much else, students who come here, come for the "mad-chester" life style, not the education.

2) speaking of mad-chester "innit"...there is very little in Manchester that allows the city to have its own personality, the days of "mad for it!!" are over. It is simply full of chain bars, chain restaurants and chain clubs...maybe a few unique bars, but me a city that doesn't offer the exact same thing. Manchester lives off an old image that doesn't exist any more.

3) Everything here is expensive and difficult to get to. Go to Newcastle or Leeds and look at the free, fun and social things that are happening for all to join in and have some fun with. Things that are easy to get to. These cities are alive and vibrant, Manchester is dull and repetitive.

4) RUDE!!!!!!!! oh my f***** GOD are people rude here! no eye contact from servers in shops, no sorry when you bump in to people, everyone seems to have an attitude, customer service has attitude here, no one knows how to actually ask a (to a stranger on the street) "excuse me do you have the time"..its "WHATS THE TIME?", ethic minorities who shout racism whenever you pass them or don't give them what they want..I don't mean to controversial here..just factual, I have seen it happen too many times to ignore!!!! Manchester is the land of no manners, people think it is ok to burst in, demand something and then throw a massive tantrum when they don't get what they want. People here are among the worst I have ever encountered. I know people have bad groups where ever they go, but never on this scale. There are very few places you can live in Manchester where you can find decent people. I agree with the dude who says "its A dump and the people have a chip on their shoulder"..oh how right you are!

5) Yes, musically speaking...some damn fine music.... unfortunately, Manchester is a city living in the past. It is HUGE city, yet people "claim" they can't find they sit on their arse smoking weed (I have never smelled so much weed just walking around the streets of manchester...hell, I smell weed walking around various college campuses). The moan and are not pro active and thus creativity is not exactly what the city is known for anymore.

It is very very strange to me that people here think their behaviour is normal....yet go literally up the road to Leeds and you get very little of the things I have just mentioned. I spent 2 yrs in Manchester before I went to Leeds, and when I bumped into someone ...and they actually said sorry back to me....I can't tell you the joy!!!!! it was so unusual to me to experience manners from a stranger that I declared Manchester the land that manners forgot. I have been here 4 yrs now (oh how I wish I could leave...the day will come) and have not seen anything to date that will alter my opinion. Sorry...but the city stinks!

Anonymous said...

The Bee Gees are from the Isle of man, Gary Barlow is from Cheshire, Robbie Williams is from Staffordshire,Ian Brown of the stone roses is from Cheshire , and I have,nt got a clue which architecture is even slightly pleasing to the eye