Sunday, 28 October 2007

Daisy G in Tears

I've just come off the phone from a hysterical Daisy G. Jesus! Here I am, in Hincksy's sitting room, sipping herbal tea whilst mapping out the next few days of my campaign to take the Top Job, and I get this!

Daisy is all upset about the latest problem to hit her controversial child-rearing Channel 4 show Bringing Up Baby. The Times (who usually love her - even to the point of permitting her to write meandering fluff pieces about 'lifestyle' stuff) have put the boot in by questioning whether one of her experts was bonafide or not.

For fuck's sake, relax people!

Just because some kiddy nurse doesn't have a fucking BTEC in nursery school studies doesn't mean she isn't good telly. I happened to like Claire Verity A LOT and would hire her for one of my itchy parenting shows. This is a woman, remember, who has worked for people like Sting (viewers love that kind of shit).

I consoled Daisy G as best I could, but also vowed to blackmark the scurrilous hack Patrick Foster. Are there not people dying in Africa, Patrick? WMD to find? Homeless folk who need beds? Etc. Etc.

Go and do your job reporting and investigating IMPORTANT STUFF, not wasting time on TV stories trying to smear a bloody good friend of mine.


Aralio said...

next they'll be saying DG faked the poems in Essential Poems (To Fall in Love With)...

Anonymous said...

Here's another media reminder - do make sure that you check important FACTS yourself. Being a media luvvie doesn't separate you from responsibilities of the real world. TV has an impact, it's not just entertainment for common people.