Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Re-branding from hell

£75 grand in 'visualising' and 'brand extension' fees and this is what Bryan and his wanky bunch at Wolff Olins have come up with...

Bryan said it was 'hyper-modern' to appeal to the myspace generation and that the images of policemen and stuffy older figures of authority was 'post-ironic'.


It's a sad, pathetic red number being held by some thinning hair geriatrics. Hardly £75k worth of the best brand designers in the country.

I didn't get to be the youngest (and most talented) TV Channel controller of his generation without spotting when I'm getting bullshitted.

(Mind you perhaps I should have known better. After all the Wolff Olins gang were behind this debacle.)

Have ordered the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding from Amazon.

I'm sure I can do a lot fucking better than these re-branding media wankers.


John Regis said...

I was under the impression that 3 was just going to be 2 but 1 hour later.

Show your working.

SF strands are worth saving said...

TVC, why's the 6th floor so quiet today? Has everyone already been chopped??

They're closing the borders at Gray's Inn Rod!

Anonymous said...

Is the 3 in the pic a bit broken in the middle?

Anonymous said...

tvc - not funny - you have to try harder! we want gossip from the mothership in wood lane!

Anonymous said...

You are our pathway to the heart of the doughnutters.