Sunday, 20 May 2007

Salopes Anglaises

Today, as I normally do every Sunday, I bought the following papers:

The Observer (for the media/business section)
The News of the World (for any new Mazher Mahmood immigration scoops)
The Mirror (for anything the Screws missed out on)
The Mail on Sunday (so I could catch up on the Liz Jones saga latest)
The Times (for their literary review section and overall authority on news events)

Also, flicked through The Sunday Express (too embarrassed to buy it) and spotted an intriguing feature following a raucous British hen party causing 'Eurotrash' havoc in Paris - sort of an 'up-yours-we're-slags-and-we're-proud-of-it' piece (the accompanying pictures were incredible!)

It got me thinking about translating this notion to a series (call it Salopes Anglaise) where we take a gang of British slags and transport them to the high society world of 1915 Paris to see how they get on. Has anyone done an accessible Bourgeoisie period-based class swap format before? I may be on to something new here; the first history/ASBO hybrid format.

Called and left a message on Martin Davidson's home number asking him to get his team on it A-S-A-fucking-P monday morning.

Then called my old pal Tim Hincks and told him if he could get a proposal in quickly I'd be able to claim 'Tim must have also read the same article' and the gig would be his.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my tuxedo ready for the BAFTAs.....

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