Thursday, 21 June 2007

Fat wanker in Wellies

Picked this up from Simon Arkwright III on my corporate Blackberry just after Hincksy and I had touched down in Toulouse:


Hey up!

I'm assuming I'll be seeing you for a mud fight this weekend then at Glastonbury!!!

We're all going down there - Bertie, Michaela, Higson, Andy Newman, Henrietta, Shapsy, Lansdown, etc, etc. And guess what - Nandos are setting up a stall in the media VIP area JUST FOR ME!!!

I had no idea so many telly types were into their festivals. Is it the 'green' thing I wonder? Talking of which I met an eccentric Irish eco-warrior comedienne yesterday who is heaven made for the Youth Channel! I shot a taster tape of her on my new nokia (how cool!!) which I'll whip out and show you at the weekend.

See you in your tent tomorrow!

Big Sime xx
PS - have you had time to show Fifi 10 Rounds With The Wife yet?

Fuck me. Is Arkwright speaking the truth?? Is the TV in-crowd *really* choosing to do their marathon arselicking at the Glastonbury Festival this year rather than saving it for Edinburgh?

I *casually* mentioned this to Hincksy, who himself 'casually' replied: "Come on! I did Glastonbury for real in my student days. Forget it - as far as fun festivals go for guys our age, MIPCOM will always rule."

Even with this reassurance, I couldn't help but feel worried that I had made the wrong move in rejecting Cooper's Glastonbury offer. If Arkwright and his ilk will be there, surely I should be, even if it's just to gloat about my vastly superior accomodation at Babington House.

Concerned, I sneaked to the airport loo and sent an urgent text to Anthony back in London: "Call Cooper immediately. And get BA on the fucking phone NOW! I may well need to be back sooner than Saturday. Check nearest airports to Glastonbury that do direct flights from Toulouse. TVC"

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