Thursday, 9 August 2007

Boyzone are Back for Good!

Finally, after years of pitching me weak celebrity drivel Nick Bullen from Spun Gold (previously known as Spun Shite) has come up with the goods. It's an exciting, headline grabbing 10-part series for My Channel that will confound my critics and give me a solid feelgood spine at 9pm.

Boyzone: Back for Good is a revealing access-all-areas camp-umentary following the Boyzone boys reforming and is certain to be a genre defining piece. Nick has promised me all the dressing room fights, the Guinness-fuelled shenanigans, the legendary Ronan-hissy fits - we'll have it all.

I've submitted it to Programme Finance and we should be up and running by the end of the month [Scheduling are also v excited - Boyband Weekend already penciled for mid November!]

This is a prime example of when Nostalgic Factlite works best for me. We'll be tapping into a generation that not only grew up with the Boyzone boys (like me!) and were empowered by them - but who also fantasised about having a threesome with Ronan and Stephen Gately (not like me!).

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