Thursday, 16 August 2007

Happy Birthday Channel 4

I see that Mentorn are making a 25 Year anniversary film about Channel 4 - "a witty, fast-paced and at times unorthodox journey through one of the most interesting periods in British broadcasting and contemporary history"

It's going to be an irreverent celebration of the highs - and occasional lows - of Channel 4's 25-year output and how it transformed the broadcasting landscape.

How exciting!

This is my chance to set the record straight. Re-enforce my legacy at the Channel, and explain to everyone how important a piece of work The Games was in the bigger scheme of things.

I've always fancied myself as a bit of a pundit!

I had Anthony call up one of their lackies - Jenny Borthwick - and instructed her that potentially I would be available for interview from August 20th to October 6th (but not Edinburgh bank holiday weekend).

Can't wait.......what should I wear for my big TV debut??


Anonymous said...

what should your wear?

i refer you here:

and i suggest to be 'down with the kids' you get yourself some 'guyliner'.

Anonymous said...

Show them how hard gritty edgy and itchy you are - wear nothing. Butt naked.

You'll get onto the front page of every newspaper and media mag. The publicity alone is worth a more than free first class transcontinental upgrade. Think of what red braces, socks and a big cigar did for Mikey Grade. Naked is bigger. You do have a big cock, don't you?

Anonymous said...

He would have to come out first though. How about it, big boy?

Anonymous said...

you could turn up dressed as a young Stalin (circa 1907), then then you'd have to be able to grow barely recognisable facial hair. you can do that right?

Anonymous said...

don't worry about your dress sense - i just read this and am startled:

BBC3 has hired a 'teen guru' to concentrate on commissioning shows that will attract a younger audience.

Karl Warner, 28, currently head of development at Monkey, will join on 17 September as executive editor of BBC3 and teens.

Confused - I thought you TVC were hired to give your channel the youth? What is going on? Explain yourself!

Maybe you do have to worry about your dress sense?

Anonymous said...

What does a 'teen guru' do? Probably about as much as the rest of Television Centre.

My colleague and I spent two days there last week. We didn't see one script, one camera, and not one overheard conversation about making programmes. Lots of bullshit Birtspeak though about processes, strategy and "drilling down".

Oh, and a river of Costa Coffee.