Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Edinburgh here I come!

Some nobody from the Edinburgh TV Festival has had the bloody cheek to email and invite me to appear on a last minute session called 'Racism House: Inside Big Brother's Big Problem'.

Told them in no uncertain terms that 'I would consider it'.

I have already formulated a 'holistic' channel vision powerpoint that I am v v excited about presenting at my Edinburgh Meet the Controller session on Saturday.

There are some brand new buzz words I cannot wait to unleash on the Broadcasting world:

Canapé factual. As in our viewers do not want to feel bloated after a night's viewing so thus, we should offer them more choice in bite-sized morsels.

Vapour. As in the channel brand should feel 'cool' but also mysterious, hard to pin down and identify - like a vapour mist.

Indigestible. As in 'fuck me did you see the latest episode of Rob Brydon's Anally Retentive? It was chewy and indigestible.'

[The Youth Channel definitely needs more vapour-tainment if we're going to fight off The Wolfster and his mob at Sky One]


Harriet Hamster said...

Just say you are keen to

"Drive Change" such a great buzz word this year ...

And you can start by ordering Chablis instead of warm Chardonay

Wapping post said...

At my small channel we're going for "clit" - classical literature, adapted with an unecessarily sexy edge.

Square-peg / round-hole urban adaptations and Paul Nichols with his cock out.


Anonymous said...

Edinburgh! "He's coming out, he's coming out, he's coming, coming OUT!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...