Saturday, 11 August 2007

Thommo on the war path!!

Fuck! There goes my weekend in the sun!

Just picked up a red flagged email from Fifi. She said to "drop everything" because Thommo wants me to urgently outline the Youth Channel's 12 month plan to "engage with diverse contemporary historiographical, theoretical, cultural and performance frameworks within the digital landscape."

I have no fucking clue what he's on about....

I don't 'engage' with anything - that's the Yawn Channel's job and Entwhistle's problem. Not mine.

My job is to entertain The Kids. With comedy. And witty contemporary comment on society, like Pissed & Pregnant; wafer thin argument wrapped up nicely in a pseudo-scientific context (with some fit birds drinking Jacob's Creek).

That works well for me.

I mean, really, does Thommo - AKA the Ginger Assassin - want me to write any old crap so he can justify himself to the bleeding Dinosaurs at The Trust??

Grow some bollocks, man!

Called Daisy in a panic: "I think Thommo has plans to kill off My Channel afterall. What do I do?!"

"Calm down sweetheart", she purrs from her Dorset shagpad, "You forget that your channel gave birth to Little Britain and Sex...with Mum & Dad (amongst others). That makes you untouchable. Sit tight and let the storm clouds clear. Got it?!"

God, I love Daisy when she gets all bossy with me!!

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Harriet Hamster said...

Thommo is married to a Texan woman so make a Sit-com about Texans !!

and give Roly Keating a lead part -he is s bit of a looker after all despite fiddling with his nose all the time