Thursday, 9 August 2007

Meeting Noel Edmonds

V excited.

Gavin Henderson at Endemol West emails:

"TVC, I hear you might be visiting my humble neck of the woods? Our south west office keeps going from strength to strength. Can I interest you perhaps in a little tour of the Deal or No Deal HQ? Noel is dying to meet you? Best, Gavin"

Fifi is adamant I ignore the indies and brief the regional Corporation staff.

But to be honest, given the choice between a slap up meal with Noel, Gavin and some sexy young producers OR a gourmet cheese and pickle sandwich in the Bristol wildlife department's canteen, I know which one I'd rather fucking choose....

I've always wanted to meet Noel. He has serious potential to take over the reins on the Eurovision Song Contest. Wogan's time is up (especially after his latest wage demands) so this is the perfect opportunity for me to make my move.

Imagine rocking up in Fifi's office with Noel signed up! Fincham would shit in a river before he saw this one coming!

Plus, according to Gav, "There are convenient transport links that can get you back to London within 2 hours".

Instructed Anthony to stop sulking and sort out my Tour of the Regions itinerary A.S.A-fucking-P!!!


Anonymous said...

Tut, tut, tut, you haven't been reading the papers , have you? Chairman Lyons says he may close down some channels so the Corporation can live within its budget. Who, precisely, do you think he has in mind? You, you great fuckwit, and all that odious BBC3 wank you broadcast to five students and their mates each evening - all at a cost of £100m a year. You've got it coming mate, but you do have one talent - humour. Get over to BH and chat up Mark Damazer. He's desperate - DESPERATE I TELL YOU - to find something genuinely funny after all those absolutely terrible one-off comedy programmes he keeps commissioning, that all seen to die after one trial show at 6:30pm in the evening (and no fucking wonder - they are DIRE!). It would mean real work I'm afraid, but I'm sure you're up to it.

It could be you said...


Anonymous said...

'you do have one talent - humour' - what like 'Grownups' ?

oddchild said...

Sod Edmonds, Barry Scott from Cillitbang is the true post-modern, itchy face your channel needs to be down with the kids and all their twisted irony