Thursday, 2 August 2007

Reading the NME

To make amends for yesterday's embarrassing Beth Ditto faux pas I strutted into the Corporation with a copy of the latest edition of NME tucked prominently under my arm. I wanted to show once and for all just how fucking down with 'Da Kids' I really am.

I will not be fucking caught out like that again.

Gave a 'respek' sign to the security guard (bet he's into that London 'rap artist' Dizzee Rascal...)

Walked the long way around to the Stage Door lifts ensuring as many staff as possible spotted my freshly-acquired reading material for the day.

I had the swagger of a man who damn well knew his Oasis from his Blur!!

In the lift I turned my iPod up to the max (hoping that everyone was impressed that I was enjoying the new Snow Patrol LP)

[Listen, I'm the kind of guy who can appreciate Charles Dickens AND the rap singer Dr Dre if I wanted to.]

Feeling fired up, I bashed out a quick email to Jonny (no 'h') in the Manchester outpost and told him straight:

"Thanks for your time yesterday. I've had a sleep on it and sadly on this occasion I've decided The Legwarmer Revolution isn't quite right for me and the Youth Channel. Best, TVC"

I'm not going to have some Northern wanker tell me what's hip and cool.

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Anonymous said...

Very funny

Snow Patrol is exactly the sort of MOR rubbish a Controller would think was cool. You've got a good eye.