Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Final reminder to Kathryn Flett

TO: Flett, Kathryn; Simpson, Neale

Dear Kathryn and Neal,

Looking forward to our session on Saturday. Can I just reiterate some of the things we've been talking about? Feel free to call if there's anything you'd like to query.

Warm regards

PS. When can you send me the approved names of front row audience members?

1) Big Brother (or any sort of debate about the merits of "reality TV")
2) Race-related subjects (eg. Trevor Philips initiatives or internal diversity schemes etc)
3) Sex...with Mum & Dad, Help! My Dog's as Fat as Me, Touch me, I'm Karen Taylor, Conning the Conmen, or F**ck Off I'm a Hairy Woman (all misunderstood programmes which would take far too long to discuss properly)
4) Viewer trust (I am happy to talk in general terms about the challenging times we face but due to the ongoing internal investigations you will have to understand that I cannot give conclusive yes or no answers about anything)
5) The state of my relationship with Fifi and Kleiny (as reported in Ariel)

1) My first 100 Days in office - the highs and lows
2) 'Itchy Reality' and 'Factlite' (how I originated the concepts and what the take up has been like)
3) The Young Board of Public Trust initiative - and why we need to engage with viewers in an unconventional way
4) Autumn schedule lineup (esp. noisy new comedy) and my holistic 360 degree Channel strategy
5) Anything to do with Lilly Allen and how well she fits tonally with my Bebo demographic

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Anonymous said...

katherine flett ? (groan) think I'll head for early doors at the George. Didn't her husband run off with another man? watch yerself TVC!