Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Has Daisy lost the plot?

How do I break this gently to my longterm pal (and all round posh frocker) Daisy G?

She's got a huge bee in her bonnet and keeps banging on about knitting being the new property boom AND parenting paranoia rolled into one.

I give her one of my serious looks, "But Daisy, the self help ecology is fragile right now..."

She flashes her big puppy dog eyes up at me...

"Has it got the right level of insatiability I need for My Channel?"

She raises her eyebrows like a naughty school girl...

I shake my head.

She cocks her head to one side and sticks her bottom lip out...

"Oh, alright then. I'll talk to Fifi about it next week"

She grins and hugs me. Ten times!

Deep down I know knitting is the ratings kiss of fucking death. It wouldn't get an audience in a million years. And you don't need to be a shit hot young Controller to figure that one out.

But how else do I deal with someone so used to getting their own way?

Sometimes I despair.

Ever since she left WalkoutThames she's been peddling a raft of substandard castoffs: confused so-called comedy dramas (featuring end-of-pier panto soap stars), lukewarm formats (without enough scale and ambition), soppy book shows and crass popular entertainment that I can get at half the price from the likes of Granada.

I'm beginning to think she may have lost her midas touch. Especially as she's spent most of the past year writing her 'memoirs' [who the fuck does she think she is? Jackie O??]

Maybe it was Ben Frow keeping her afloat all those years after all!?

I promise to practice my cross-stitch and give her three pecks on the cheek goodbye.

Oh, how the posh and privileged have fallen...


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the email from the drama department about deception in drama? Its utterly nuts, of course. The BBC have completely lost their nerve. Oh tempora! Oh mores!

Harriet Hamster said...

Poor Daisy and her Mummy Jocasta the end of BBC "Homefront Dire Shows " really had a knock on effect on the girlies and the Paint Magic Shops
They all closed !
Are they flogging wool now ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I haven't seen that email, care to spill its beans. I've just been on the receiving end of a huge amount of deception.
Yours, er, Anon

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, that creep Anthony has really screwed you this time. Renumeration? It's Remuneration you twat! Learn to fucking spell before you have a great big wank about spending £100m of license fee payers' money on your jerky little channel. You went to Oxford? The local tech. college more like. By the way, have you come out yet?