Friday, 3 August 2007

I now own half of RDF!!

Last night I had dinner with a very good friend of mine who makes triple my salary working in hedge funds (what a lucky bastard, you should see the house - and Polish au pair - he's got in Ladbroke Grove).

Anyway, over a glass of sherry he suggested a good idea for me to "make a quick buck" by "investing wisely in the misfortune of others".

So today I embarked on my share dealing adventures.

Following one of my hero's lead (John De Mol, creator of Big Brother no less) I purchased 50,000 shares in the RDF Media Group.

The price is rock bottom now after the kicking they've taken from ITV and Thommo.

Like my mate said, "Bloody good time to buy, my boy".

How exciting!!

I've joined the big boys playing the City game (hello Michael Grade and Greg Dyke!)

In my enthusiasm I nearly emailed Lambert to tell him I would have him sacked at the next shareholders meeting, but thought the joke might be a little wasted on him in these deeply depressing times.

Just wondering who to 'invest' in next?



This is much more fun than when I used to play Celebdaq....

[Even thinking of coming into work on Monday wearing red braces, chomping on a big fat cigar and carrying a black leather suitcase!!]

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Anonymous said...

aren't you 34, yet?