Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The Youth Channel +1

Sigh. Back to the media scrum this morning. Rocked up to the 6th floor to find Anthony had moved some of my office plants. Not best pleased.

My head really fucking aches. I knew I shouldn't have had that half a can of Stella on the train back to London...

Also faced with 18 Level One proposals waiting for my perusal, 12 memos from the interactive department proposing a "re-skin" of the website, and 287 emails in my inbox needing an urgent reply.

Double fucking Sigh.

Staring through the glass I could see Fifi strolling past arm-in-arm with Elaine looking very refreshed and pleased with themselves.

Locked the door and hid away to mull over my strategy for the next few months:

1) Rebrand the Youth Channel stings at great public expense (I'm sick of those claymation things anyway, aren't you?)
2) Start laying the foundations for a healthy, vibrant, shouty Youth Channel through spunky drama and entertaining factuality.
3) Launch The Youth Channel+1, my very own timeshift service allowing viewers to catchup on missed episodes of my important forthcoming commissions: Anthea Turner: Perfect Lay (sex advice series with a twist) and Life on Mars: Back on Earth (behind-the-scenes obs-umentary).

I simply must put this strategy in motion ASA-fucking-P if I am to successfully compete with my main rivals (ITV2, E4, Living) on more of a level digital footing.

Have decided to make a very public plea to Thommo at the Corporation's Controller Summit, happening next month in a spa hotel somewhere in Oxfordshire.

It's time he saw what I'm capable of.....!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good morning TVC.

Nice to see you back from the frozen north. Did you meet Ian Rankin? Everybody else did!

RDF are even commissioning a 'from-Leith-to-Johannesburg' cop-swap series: they're calling it 'Inspector Rooibos' - the twats.