Friday, 3 August 2007

The diversity police

Someone has had the fucking temerity to email me to enquire "what percentage of multicultural representation" did my department conform to?

Was it the necessary 12.5%?

How the fuck should I know?

I don't hire people because of their ethnicity, I hire them because they're cheap. And they can deliver hit shows. If you need to up the quota hire another 'diverse' newsreader, but don't come around fucking with the magic of The Youth Channel. I write back politely, "we have a proven track record in multicultural programming (Little Miss Jocelyn amongst many others!) and the department is complimented by a wide range of diverse perspectives".

But it won't fly with the diversity police. They inform me that an Inspection Team (headed up by that scary woman) will be visiting next week.

PS. I hope to hell McDonald's Scottish roots count for something...otherwise we're fucked.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

maybe the introduction of a few workexperience kids will sway the diversity percentage. any you can get rid of them when that woman leaves?

its like i'm going your job for you here!