Saturday, 25 August 2007


The Meet Me session was a total triumph. In a nutshell: Distinctive, clarity, purpose, evolution.

Tonally I'm v pleased with the mixed flavour ecology of it all - and I even managed a bit of flirting with Kathryn too- result! (Now I know my shows will get an easy ride from her for the next 6 months or so).

I come off the stage buzzing, pumped up and feeling energised - is this what taking drugs must feel like??

Elaine Bedell rushed up to air kiss me afterwards and said it was "quite possibly the best session of the festival so far".

But then things starting going badly wrong.

Two young college kids were standing outside the EICC with my brand new Itchy T-shirts struggling in vain to give them away to the cynical punters. All this hard work and for nothing?! I saw Richard Woolfe walk past and sneer.

[What the fuck am I supposed to do with the T-shirts now?? I texted Herring who responded "sorry, not my problem". There are currently 786 T-shirts piled up in boxes in the corner of my room.]

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