Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Tour of the Nations & Regions


I've only just rocked up at the Corporation and Fifi is packing me off to the nations and regions. She says it is vital that I am visible within my first few months of arriving, and that I "deliver my channel message" face to face.

But, I tell her, I'm very worried it's going to take me "out of action" for the best part of two days. She simply says: "You have a Corporation Blackberry don't you?"

I'm starting to suspect that a big part of succeeding in my new job is the ability to side-step these kinds of public service mumbo jumbo initiatives. In this case, a renewed drive to "connect up the dots" of the organisation and show we're listening. Frankly I couldn't give a fuck about listening to what the regions have to say anyway.

The tribal outposts are staffed by over-the-hill company lifers who are put out to pasture and asked to deliver safe, predictable formatted rubbish.

Not on My fucking Channel you don't.


Anonymous said...

Chin up TVC, you think the Pope really enjoys driving about in that jumped up golfcart waving to the minions all day? NO. He'd rather be tucked up in V-city with a box of Quality Street and a good afternoon warfilm on 5. But he does it because its his duty and it means he can fuck about the other 360 days of the year.

Anonymous said...

When ye gang to Glasgae, do enquire as to the title of BBC Alba's version of 'Question Time'.

It's jolly rude. But not to a monoglot Gael, of course!


Sara Cox's Larynx said...

Whilst you're at it, TVC, please remind stats crunchers at the BBC that political reports are not London stories, and neither are London-based studio programmes.

Relatively speaking, there are NOT a lot of programmes about, or set in London (considering it holds about 1/6th of the population and is the financial powerhouse of the country).

Take your tour with pride, and remind N&R that London is a capital city and to bloody get over it.

Anonymous said...

I care deeply that CASUALTY is shot in Bristol, and HOLBY CITY is shot just outside London.

Therefore it makes complete fiscal sense to me that £0.5bn is being spent to type BBC MANCHESTER at the end of an ever-dwindling number of sloppy-seconds sports events.

Back of the net, Thommo!

Harriet Hamster said...

Didn't Peter Salmonella come from the Regions at one point ??

screenwriterman said...

what are The Regions? are they being climbed by griff rys jones?


Harriet Hamster said...

Thommo got a whopping bonus would love to be in his regions on the sauce tonight I bet ..

Anonymous said...

So the impotent Alex Salmond's first flaccid act of Westminster willy-waving is to make a demand for a 'Scotland at Six' news programme.

I look forward to seeing how BBC Scotland cover this; the coverage of the devolution debate was effectively a premature celebration of a fait accompli. I suppose it's only human nature, but to expect impartial analysis from these mediocrities (with one or two notable exceptions: Brian Taylor and Eorpa, take a bow) when jobs-for-life and massive self-kudos are at stake is nigh-on impossible.

And until BBC Scotland sorts out its elementary continuity fuck-ups, it doesn't deserve to be let out of nappies.

Worth a watch if you care said...

...and immediately proving me wrong (again), Newsnight Scotland dealt with the subject with a dispassionate scepticism.

And Stuart Cosgrove made a lot of sense too. (Things I Never Thought I'd Say, No. 327.)

Anonymous said...

Haha, this post is proof TVC aint gonna make it to DG. Ever. (God help the Corp if he does).