Monday, 6 August 2007

Perry Mansell tries to bully me

Have just been rudely woken up at 4.40am after my Blackberry bleeped.

It was Perry Mansell, the notorious uber-agent to stars like Dickinson Moss and the like.

"Just agreed a new deal with Fincham for Dickinson. He's said that we can have cart-blanche for a series in the new year on your poxy little channel as part of the package. So fuck you, you weedy little glasses-wearing prick!!! Lots of love, Perry"

Jesus. What the fuck is going on here?

How dare Peter strut around offering commissions for the Youth Channel without fucking talking to me first? My Channel is not, I repeat not some paperweight to clinch deals with.

I make the deals around here thankyou very much! I am not a dumping ground for indulgent tagged-on projects just so the Corporation can hold on to its leading names (plus I happen to think that Moss is getting a little bit past his sell-by date anyway).

How am I supposed to develop My Channel as a stand-alone destination for viewers if I'm constantly being undermined by having shit like this forced upon me?

Tried to get some shut eye but couldn't. So switched on News24 and within minutes I was happily snoozing again.


Harriet Hamster said...

Deary me is Peter Fincham getting his own chat show ? Hope so, I will watch it guests like Tommo and Botney yummy then maybe they will reveal what the hell they all do in there ..that would be e revelation.
News 24 I call it "Snooze 24" have you seen the chairs they sit on like wheelie bins I am surprised Health and Safety have not closed them down.That's Horry Horrocks for you
All the guests gripping onto the table in case they slide away

Anonymous said...

See Gary Carter has been drafted in to work his magic on "Neighbours". I await the first audience-selected target for a 'drive-by' on Ramsay Street with interest.