Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Broadcast magazine profile

Broadcast are doing a profile of me for this week’s edition to co-incide with the start of my tenure as TV's Youngest Channel Controller™. Had a long 40minute chat with the hack (doing her very best Emily Bell impression – yawn) and delivered what I think was the right line of bright-young-media-thing + worldly-wise-and-not-to-be-fucked-with.

To ensure I get good copy I threw in a couple of pithy one liners (“I’m like a stick of rock – cut me and I read television formats”) and a few new buzzwords I came up with in the bath last night. My favourite of which is 'Itchy Reality' - shows that make you feel uncomfortable when watching.

Slightly concerned that she’ll rake up a few quotes from some of my enemies to balance out the piece, so will have a ring round this afternoon to head off any potentially harmful PR. Must also remember to ring my mum and remind her to buy Broadcast this Thursday.

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