Friday, 13 July 2007

Emergency weekend meeting

I can’t bloody believe this.

Fifi has convened an emergency senior management war room summit on Sunday fucking morning at 8.30am!! Strictly top secret. It’s a media blackout – no PAs or lackies or support staff have been notified.

Fifi has hit the roof and the last two fucking years of My Channel's output is coming under scrutiny. She wants us all to ‘share’ our programming problems and ensure there are no more skeletons in the closet. She wants rushes. And she wants answers.

I cannot believe this paranoia and self-hatred...Why doesn't the Corporation just pull rank like my old chums at Channel 4 would and get on with making television instead of opening old wounds?

Bertie AKA the Butcher of Notting Hill, must be shitting himself! He’s made a BAFTA award winning career out of lying in the cutting room!

Couldn't get hold of him.

The Dark Lord is on divert.

It appears everyone has gone to ground waiting for the smoke to clear.

I wish I could do the fucking same....


Anonymous said...

Thommo has gone into full Stoneyhurst Jesuit self-flagellation mode: hard advice for a nice Jewish boy, but go buy a crucifix and rosary beads

thegirl said...

Wow. The shit is really hitting the fucking fan, isn't it?

Will heads roll?

Anonymous said...

You will tells us what happens at the confidential meeting, won't you?