Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Re: Sexed-up programmes

TO: All Key Independent Suppliers
BCC: Mark Thompson

Dear All

In these worrying times I wanted to reassure you that The Corporation is uniquely committed to delivering an impeccible level of integrity, accuracy and truth.

You are the Corporation's footsoldiers delivering the highest standard of quality. And I am your humble general leading us all into battle. In the heat of the fight we must
always remember that the integrity of The Corporation is at stake if we choose the easy option, or the quick fix in the edit.

Yes, I know that budgets are shrinking and demands in the digital landscape are increasing. But it is critical that we put measures in place so we can get on with the task of building a strong and independent Corporation for the future.

I will not tolerate sloppiness.

I will soon be announcing an exciting new committee that I am setting up specifically to prevent any future lapses in judgement. I hope you will all lend me your support as we move the Youth Channel forward into a more transparent and less sexed-up Digital age.

Warm regards,



Anonymous said...


If you're going to fuck about in the edit, choose carefully who you screw over and don't get caught you idiots!

Anonymous said...

"impeccible level of integrity, accuracy and truth." Don't you mean impeccable? Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

"I will not tolerate sloppiness."

Anonymous said...

Quick poll of Joe Public reveals following as "10 Most Trusted" and therefore suitable for new panel:

Mears, R.
Wark, K.
Hart, T.
Oliver, N.
Alagiah, G.
Lyndley, Inspct.
Barker, S.
The Tour Guide from 'Coach Trip'
Woodall, T.
Fincham, P.

You insiders may think you know better, but just remember who keeps you in power-wank absorbent tissue.

Anonymous said...

The word on the street outside BH is that Thommo's balls are caught in his flies. The Trust is giving him the full hair-dryer, with Dame Patricia putting the switch on high. Some Trustees believe it's time for a fresh start; skipping a generation and putting one of the bright and emerging BBC talents into the DG's chair...

Anonymous said...

brillant, thats just what the Beeb needs, more people who've blagged their way to the top and spend most of their time worrying about their image and wanking in the toilets.

Anonymous said...

3pm may be a good time to go and get my mocca coffee at the White City Starbucks.

For the first time in years, all the senior staff may be at their desks watching the Ringmain rather than chumming up to their PAs to jump the queue.