Thursday, 5 July 2007

10 things I *didn't* do today

1. Bothered to ring back that pestering northerner Brian Hill and tell him "sorry, but I'm afraid this time it's a no" for his distasteful Inside the Mind of a Sex Offender idea

2. Respond to a group email from the 'Corporation Club' re: waterskiing trip to Wales w/c 23rd July.

3. Agree to meet the development lackies from September Films [what exactly have *they* made of late??]

4. Call back Richard Macer re: Bjorn Borg/Selfridges access [Think I'll let him stew a bit]

5. Book myself in for an Executive Manicure at The Refinery

6. Agree to sign off a £3K development for ZKK's idea Getting Married to My Mum [not convinced about the access]

7. Agree up have lunch with Rod Liddle [a bit of a waste of time - he's too much of a dinosaur for My Channel]

8. Sort out my ongoing dispute with Accounts re: May expenses.

9. Remind Anthony that he still needs to phone an electrician to sort my broken bathroom mirror lightbulb out for me

10. Watch DVD of The Secretary (Director's Cut)

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