Friday, 20 July 2007

When Women Ruled the Corporation

I may have only been in the job for a few months but I've heard this place was much better in the good old days when women ruled the corporation.... is so fucking testosterone fueled at the moment.

(unless you count Jane Tranter. And Elaine Bedell. Oh, and Ben Gale.)

Thommo is stomping about issuing disgruntled threats to everyone left, right and centre; Fincham is curled up in his office weeping. Human Resources people are barging - unannounced - into offices and throwing office stationery around; even the kind Indian gent in the papershop in White City has a fucking scowl on his face whenever I pop by.

I don't think we would have let the public down so much if Lauren Hennessey were back in the saddle.

We miss you Ice Maiden.



Spangle said...

TVC you really are behind with your gossip. Haven't you heard she's joined Dawn Airey's gang? You are definitely NOT her type

Anonymous said...

Bring The Beaver back