Monday, 9 July 2007

MediaGuardian's Shite100

What in fuck's name is going on with my media brand? I'm the youngest creative leader in the industry, a powerful trendsetting media visionary, a programming rebel formerly of the commercial sector.

So why the fuck am I not in today's Guardian's Media100?

Gordon fucking Ramsey beat me to it, David Tennant, Russell Brand, even Jeremy cunting Clarkson was number 72.

Since when was Talent considered more powerful and important than the youngest Controller of his generation? I fucking put them on TV?!! That's ever so slightly more important than repeating lines written by someone funnier than you are.

The Guardian's fickle out of touch 'panel' (hello Richard Park) wouldn't know a powerful digital maestro if they bumped into him in Soho House....

(...where I will be tonight, highly visible and highly vocal in my criticisms of this so-called power list. Come and join me in my venting.)

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