Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Roger Graef's zimmerframe

I had my head down early this morning quietly studying the Charter Renewal terms when I was rudely interrupted by a great kerfuffle outside - what sounded like the loud scraping of chairs and office furniture.

What the fuck?!?

Anthony popped his head in to apologise. Apparently the Films of Record people were coming in and some disability Nazi from the 2nd Floor had rushed up to inform them they "needed to clear more space" for MD Roger Graef's "zimmerframe apparatus".

Anthony gave a resigned shrug: "Health & Safety require six and a half inches of traversing space between desks".

Jesus, how is Graef still alive? The man is ancient (Anthony says that according to wikipedia Graef was born in 1936). What the fuck is he still doing in telly??!! In the days before Stephen Lambert was too important to speak to me I remember he once mentioned that Graef had discovered a Thai mystic, and now lived on nothing but Mangosteen juice and oral sex.

Which got me thinking..... I picked up the phone and told Anthony to put in a bulk order of Mangosteen juice (with added Xanthones) A-S-A-fucking-P.

If the Graef can live forever then so can bloody I!

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