Wednesday, 18 July 2007

FW: Re: Sexed-Up Programmes.

TO: All Key Independent Suppliers
BCC: Mark Thompson

Our standards are not just set high, they are raised to a platinum level. That is why I have taken the unusual step of suspending my PA Anthony (on full pay) whilst I conduct an inquiry into how a misspelt word managed to end up in my last memo to you.

‘Impeccible‘ should have, of course, read 'impeccable'.

These small mistakes matter to me. No stone will be left unturned in my search for the truth.

I promise you all - valued independent producers - that whoever is responsible will be brought to account, as we all move forward to a more honest and trustworthy working relationship.

The door to my office is always open for your thoughts.

Keep the faith.

Warm regards,


thegirl said...

Poor Anthony. I had such high hopes for him.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was deliberite. Sarcastac, like.

Anonymous said...

are P.A's allowed to have a sense of humour during work hours?

i'd stop this sarcasm before it spreads around the office.

people will start saying they like your Executive Corduroy Jacket next!

Anonymous said...

But TVC who is going to fetch you your skimmed yak’s milk cappuccinos’ now that Anthony has been suspended?

wordsmith_for_hire said...

You can't blame Anthony for your bad grammar if you've suspended him.

"they are raised to a platinum level." This should, of course, have read "they have been raised...".

Tut tut. If you can't string a sentence together properly, how on earth do you expect us to trust you to make something watchable?

Anonymous said...

the mistake did add punch to an otherwise tired format of a memo...

Anonymous said...

possibly genre clash the memo format with that of the email-forwarding-spam that your mum sends you.

e.g. 'send this to another 15 indie producers or be blacklisted by TVC for the next 6 months'

Anonymous said...

"It is my sad duty to inform you that the Daleks, as recently seen in the popular BBC TV programme DR WHO, were not in fact real. Our exhaustive internal investigation has revealed that inside them were in fact little men in black hats and socks.

"It is imperative that audiences trust our output, and I therefore make this personal guarantee that in future we will use real Daleks."

Anonymous said...,,2129329,00.html

Look, I'm no big fan of RDF, but they're getting a raw deal. No more commissions? Bla, bla bla!

Even if the Queenie clip was accurate, even if all the checks had been done... what sort of editorial leader thinks its an acceptable long-term move to piss off the Windsors for the sake of a season-launch promo?

Anonymous said...

The probem is when it's on the inside there's nobody else to blame and force the apology from.

Feel the taint, sack and sack again. Clear the decks of everyone who's been there too long. Feel your power expanding. You'll be controller of everything before too long.

Remember don't commission in-house 'cause you'll cop if when something happens. Get as much as you can from the indies. You can be sure that when something goes wrong they'll be fair game.

Anonymous said...

Here it comes - duck and cover....