Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Being Britney's Mum

My development lackie Jo (who looks very striking in a figure-hugging wraparound dress and strappy heels today) is convinced we should do an access film with Lynne Spears (no wonder! She spent three months under my predecessor securing the access).


I really can't be bothered with this type of celebrity documentary any more. I think I did it to death at C4 5 years ago, and don't wish to repeat myself.

McDonald (sharp cookie this guy) was earwigging in on my chat with Jo and very shrewdly jumped in, suggesting: "Why don't we pastiche [nice word to throw in McDonald] the Celebrity Wife Swap format and find another Z-list celebrity parent for Lynne to swap roles with? Imagine if we persuaded Mrs Timberlake to take part?"

Jo looked pretty peeved that her proposition for a straight access film about Britney's mum had been subverted so cleverly by her colleague. I just sat back and enjoyed the spectacle. He's a shrewd operator. Reminds me of how I was when I first started in telly.

I think McDonald could go far (if only he would stop wearing that fucking absurd baseball cap all the time).

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