Friday, 15 June 2007

Sex up my iPod

I've told Anthony that one of his most important jobs next week is to update my iPod A-S-A-fucking-P, before my embarrassingly limited musical knowledge is horribly exposed in a Controller meeting. I really need him to "plug me in" to what is hot and cool and important in the music world [I run the Youth Channel, remember!]

I'll be the first to privately admit I know fuck all about music. I have to rely on the 'cool' people to fill me in, like Michaela who introduced me to the *hot* new group 'Franz Ferdinand'. (They have silly accents - I think they must be German??)

But oh how different my life could have been......

Many years ago as an up-and-coming TV exec I flirted with becoming involved in the 'music biz'. I had a friend from Oxford who knew about a 'groovy' up and coming American boy band and needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity!

One weekend I flew to New York to see the boys audition in front of some of Manhattan's top pop impresarios. I was totally smitten, they looked great (very sexy hair) AND I even liked one of their songs. Did I want to manage them? Fuck yeah!!

But then reality set in. Was it really my destiny to spend Saturday mornings getting up at 5am to watch them mime on CD:UK? Was I really prepared to sacrifice my future role as a hot TV executive in exchange for a few gold discs hanging up on my living room wall?

No. I'd worked too darn hard to give up my dream of becoming TV's Youngest Channel Controller™ - and how glad I am that I made the right decision!

Afterall, the British broadcasting landscape would be a *totally* different place without my many successful commissioning contributions over the years. Like The Games.


Anonymous said...

All you need is a couple of Philip Glass cds. All the shows use them when they can't think of anything else.

Anonymous said...

coldplay for tears, Moby's Play album (still) for any situation

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to Damon Albarn going "Whooo Hoooo" when something energetic is happening, like canoeing, sex or Matt Dawson.

Anonymous said...

Or Sigur Ros' HoppĂ­polla for anything warm and fuzzy..