Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My invitation to Glastonbury

That popular Cooper chap emailed me *again* today [blimey, he's keen]: "Where did you get to at the party? I couldn't find you anywhere....Hope you had fun! Anyway, want me to fix you up with Glastonbury access for the weekend? We're all staying at Babington House and I know there are some Corporation pre-booked rooms still going spare."

I must say that in recent years, I've rather fancied taking in 'the Glastonbury experience' (I notice all the crusties have been sent on their way nowadays). *But* having had the horrors of horrors on Saturday at the invitation of Cooper, I'm not really sure if I have the bottle to hack another weekend like that.

Trouble is, I'm torn. Because I know I'd like to go to Glastonbury just so I could get the chance to impress the presenter Lauren Laverne. She is one hot sexy minx! (I love her on Roly's The Culture Show). And very bright too. Her working class northern roots are a huge turn on to me. Plus, imagine how my youth cred would shoot up if she was my girl! [I understand that she used to be a hugely cool radio presenter on an "indie" radio station]

I mention Lauren to Anthony and he tells me that she's actually a happily married lady. Plus, by the way he enthused about her, I realise that she's just too much of a camp man's wet dream for me - people might start gossiping about "which side I liked my bread buttered" and so on if I were to make a move on her.

Sigh. Suppose my jaunt to France for two days to check out the proposed location for Salopes will just have to suffice then.

Still, at least I get to spend it with 'The Hinckster'! As cool (and as intelligent) as Lauren, but not as sexy (only joking I'm sure Tim!)

We fly off tomorrow and I am *so* psyched.

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