Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Outing the Gayers?

The brainy people at Mentorn are trying to get me to sign up this guy from the States.

They've got him to agree to come over to Britain and "out" gay MPs here, and have pitched it to me as another one for that (dreadful) Mischief strand. They want to call it "Attack of the American Gay Terrorist" or something.

Mmmmm. Not sure about this one. I don't think it might be the smartest move on the block for me to kick up a fucking storm with the government right now. Plus, I've got to say that the guy looks a bit like a paedophile to me.

And besides - who exactly is left to "out"? It's not like the sleezy Tories with all that orange-stuffed-in-mouth-and-wearing-fishnet-stockings kinky shit from the 80s and 90s is it?

Now a far more noisy - and even 'spiky' - idea would be this. Imagine if we could give ten of the most hardcore homophobic blokes in Britain a pill like this, lock them up in a house for 3 months and film them transform from nasty bigots to pink posers who end up becoming "sexually irresistible to each other".... WOW! I would certainly fucking commission that!!

Have ordered Silent Stevie to get in touch with the Pentagon A-S-A-fucking-P to establish whether we could licence this drug, all in the good name of scientific journalism of course.

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